Health Education and Injury Prevention in Germany

HED 485 – 3,  Global Health

A course taught in conjunction with the University of Cologne, University of South Florida, and Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Leaving 12 and returning 23 May 2011

Cologne, Germany: The Dom and the Rhine River


Viewing some vineyards while studying the health benefits of red wine, 2007


A visit to Malteser Hilfsdienst May 2007, an ambulance/help in Cologne


Students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, University of South Florida, University of Florida, and Environmental Science Program, University of Cologne, Germany - 2004


Interaction between students from USA and Germany


A favorite place for most students - The Chocolate Museum


Relaxing in Koblenz on the Rhein and Mosel Rivers

Course taught in cooperation with Faculty and Students from the University of South Florida (see faculty member information by clicking on Dr. Robert McDermott) (view USF information about the same program), and University of Cologne (view information about the University of Cologne), Germany.

Purpose and Goal of Course

The goal of this study course is to expose students to the health and injury problems in Germany and how health education and injury prevention techniques reduce illnesses and injuries.  All students interested in injury prevention, health education, health promotion, and allied health issues in relation to an international setting will have interest in this course.  Health education and injury prevention in Germany should be viewed from within the country itself.  Through a Germany based mini-conference, visitations to German companies and agencies, the student will gain valuable information about the role of health education and injury prevention in Germany.  Before the trip to Germany, the instructors will provide the students with an appropriate orientation to the culture, history, entrance requirements, and customs of Germany. 

The Course Objectives


Course Evaluation

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Read and complete Insurance, Health, and Wellness Information (Please keep a copy of this information for your records and return the original to Study Abroad Programs, MC 6885, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901

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For May 2010, we plan on visiting some of the following organizations, agencies, and people:

     El De Haus NS-Dokumentationszentrum (LV documentation center to study of the history of the national socialism in Cologne)  

     Cologne City Museum

     AOK Insurance Company

     Federal Highway Research Institute

     Federal Center for Health Promotion (BZgA)

     City of Cologne Public Health Department

     City of Cologne Waste Water Treatment Plant or Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln

    AVG Köln mbH Cologne Residual Waste Combustion Plant

     German Customs Office



 (ambulance/help service) Malteser in Deutschland

     Dr. Thomas Erren, MD, University of Cologne

     Dr. E. Schoenau, MD, University of Cologne Children's Hospital

Hear the National Anthem of Germany


Information about Cologne, Germany


     Travel through Germany

     City of Cologne Information

     A Map of the University of Cologne

     Hotel Uhu (hotel where we will be staying)

Information about instructor, Dale O. Ritzel

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