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NOTE: At this time the driver education teacher preparation endorsement courses at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are on hold and will not be taught in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in courses to meet the requirements of the Illinois public school driver education program, please contact the following people for courses:

Dr. Frank J. Gruber IV Ph.D., Director, Traffic Safety

Institute, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115. Email:

Dr. Robert Bates, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston IL
(217) 581-5761

Courses to complete (17 out of 24 semester hours needed) for meeting the Illinois Driver Education Teacher endorsement requirements:

*HED 412s online course, every semester - Driver Task Analysis: Introduction (This is the former HED 302s)

*HED 413s online course, every semester - Injury Prevention and Safety (This is the former HED 313s)

*HED 442s (distance learning/ILP course format for students enrolling both on and off campus) - Driver Education On-street and Driving Simulation (works with Master Driver Education Teacher in a public school for on-street and driving simulation teaching with multiple-vehicle driving range program being conducted at the Safety Center, SIUC)

*HED 443s (distance learning/ILP course format for students enrolling both on and off campus) (make sure you read thoroughly the requirements in HED 443s in teaching in a public school and doing Web assignments on the course Web page) - Driver Education Classroom Instruction (works with Master Driver Education Teacher for classroom teaching)

*HED 445 - Advanced Driver Education Instructor Training

HED 485 Global Health Education - Travel/Study Course in Germany May 2012 (course was cancelled)

*To register for these courses as a Web based, ILP or distance learning class go to the Office of Distance Education, Southern Illinois University. This Web site provides you with all of the information you need to apply, be admitted to SIUC, get enroll, and pay your bill.

*Depending on the semester the distance learning courses can be either ILP (individualize learning program) courses or Online, Wed Based courses. You will need to check on either area to find the courses.

*You need to check out the getting started section at the Office of Distance Education. Depending upon your status, you can register as an undergraduate student or graduate student. They show you how to register for either ILP or as online courses.

*In any situation, you have to be admitted to SIUC to be enrolled in any of the above courses.

*You need to contact the Office of Distance Education if you have any questions at contact any of the people at

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Updated 25 September 2012

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