Vehicle Systems Review and Assignment

For this lesson, I want you to review the various systems of the vehicle (this is similar to some of the information in the worksheets you just completed, but this lesson provides a more detailed and visual view of vehicle systems).  In this lesson you will be reviewing 12 automotive systems that have pictures: 


Engine: Including Block, Heads, Pistons & Valves

Cooling System: Including Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Heater & Hoses

Charging System: Including Alternator, Regulator & Battery

Ignition System: Includes Spark Plugs, Distributor, Ignition Wires & Coil

Automatic Transmissions: Understand the concepts behind what goes on inside these technological marvels and what goes into repairing them when they fail.

Brakes:   Including Disk & Drum Brakes, Master Cylinder, Power Booster & Anti-lock Brakes

Wheel Alignment: With explanations of Caster, Camber, Toe-in along with other angles that are important to know about.

Hybrid Power Systems: A detailed look at these new propulsion systems to determine how they are able to get exceptional fuel economy and equally impressive control over tailpipe emissions.

Air Conditioner: Including Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator & Receiver Dryer

Electrical Systems: Excellent courses on Electrical Fundamentals, Circuits, Controls and Electronics

Fuel System: Includes Carburetor, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter

Emissions System: Including Catalytic converter, Air Pump, Oxygen Sensor, Computer & PCV Valve


These automotive systems can be viewed at .  These systems are shown in the large right column under "How does your car work?". 


Click on each of these systems and read the details of each system.   After reviewing ALL of the systems indicate the two systems that are the most confusing to you and why they are confusing (combine this part of the assignment with the additional assignment below and send the information to ).


Finally for the part of the assignment that relates to reviewing a long list of vehicle terminology/definitions and picking ten (10) terms that were new to you (in both term and/or meaning) send a the list of ten (10) terms and their meaning after reviewing the Web site: .


NOTE:  Please send me both parts of this assignment at the same time.



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