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Developing Vehicle Operational Skills: Driver Education Laboratory Experiences

Note: The materials and course topics within pertain to the ILP or distance learning/in school teaching sections of HED 442s













This course is now taught as an ILP or distance learning course where the student is teaching driver education on-street and driving simulation in a public school with a Master Driver Education Teacher. The student will also gain experiences in teaching the multiple-car driving range program. The course syllabus below describes the course in detail in regards to assignment requirements. The student who wants to enroll in this course must complete teaching application and initiate completion of the agreement for placement form (completed by SIUC and public school) before doing anything else. Requirements for the Master Driver Education Teacher are indicated below. Contact the instructor at safety@siu.edu if you have any questions.


Driver Education Teaching Experience Application

This form must be completed by the student enrolled in HED 442s before making any contact with the Master Teacher and public school in which he/she want to teach driver education on-street and driving simulation. If you have completed the application used in HED 443s and plan on having your teaching experiences completed at the same public school as was the case with HED 443s, you do not have to complete this form again.

Agreement for Placement of Driver Education Teaching Experience by Southern Illinois University Carbondale

This agreement form between SIUC and the school where the student wants to teach on-street and driving simulation driver education must be completed by SIUC and the school before the student can be involved in any driver education activities. If you are doing your teaching experiences at the same public school as was the case with HED 443s, you do not have to complete this form again.

Working with a Master Teacher

The requirements of the Master Teacher and what the Master Teacher agrees to do.

How to be successful in this course

This provides you with information on how to make this course a good experience in regards to completing and sending assignments.

Course Syllabus

Learning activities will focus on preparing the prospective driver education teacher to conduct Driver Education on-street and driving simulation instruction with application to basic concepts of laboratory instruction, maintaining a learning environment, developing instructional lessons plans, and the conducting learning experiences.

Special Resources for HED 442s

This section will provide the student with various resources for teaching driver education laboratory instruction. Links to teaching on-street, driving simulation, and multiple-car driving range and driver education curricula are provided.

Subscribe to Driver Education Listserv (DE-L). This listserv will be an excellent resource to asking questions about teaching laboratory driver education and getting help in working with beginning drivers. This listserv is the oldest and only currently available listserv in the field of driver education. Send a note to the listserv owner Dr. Dale O. Ritzel at safety@siu.edu to subscribe to the DE-L. (Read information about the DE-L)


Instructor Information


Contact Dr. Ritzel at safety@siu.edu or through his Web page at ritzel.siuc.edu/


***Starting 1 January 2003, any student enrolled in a section of an Individual Learning Program (ILP), Web based course through the SIUC Division of Continuing Education offered during Spring semester 2003 and afterward and taught by Dale O. Ritzel will have to complete the course within the 20 weeks from the date of enrollment.  If the coursework is not complete completed within 20 weeks, the student may request an extension.  An extension will only be granted by the Division of Continuing Education if 20% or more of the coursework (210  points or more) is completed.  Since grades have to be received by the University at the end of the regular semester, the student will receive a grade of INC (incomplete) if they have not completed ALL assignments.   If an extension has been approved by Continuing Education, then you have one year from the end of the semester which you initially enrolled in HED 302s to complete the course.  If the work is not completed within one year, the University automatically turns the grade into an F.  I will only complete and process a grade change card when you finish ALL of the course assignments.  If the student does not complete the ILP course in 20 weeks, the final grade given after completion of all course work will be dropped by one grade up to the one year time frame.  Do not ask me to sign a form allowing you to drop the course if the semester you were enrolled in the course has been completed.  In order to receive a grade in any course, you must complete ALL assignments.  Please note: All incompletes turn to an F upon Graduation, please plan accordingly and complete and submit all course requirements at least a month prior to finals week.  So if you enroll in this course during the semester in which you plan on graduating, then you must to complete the course during the regular semester and NOT in 20 weeks.  If you plan on graduating in a future semester from the time of enrollment and you have gone beyond the 20 weeks and paid the extension fee, then you still need to complete the course during the semester which you will be graduating. 


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